Above and below the waterfall

A hard/very hard Knytt Stories level.

This a level for Knytt Stories by Nifflas. It focuses on puzzles and platform action.

  • Level Design & Pseudostory: R. Hölzl
  • new! Music: J. Schmidt.
  • new! Tilesets: Partly standard, partly by R. Hölzl. Due to the limitation of two tilesets per screen I had to modify some of the standard files to get certain tiles into the same tilesets. Of course I don't take credit for any of these copied tiles.
  • The level starts on « very hard », but you can change the difficulty to « hard ».
  • new! There are three secret areas in the level: One long and difficult, one short and purely environmental, one secret ending.
  • Many thanks for all the improvement suggestions by the beta testers!
  • new! Changes for versions 2.x: Lots of custom music, much longer, new « Journey to the Center of the Earth » environment, more secrets, more beautiful, many small bugfixes and improvements.

Download Level (2.1.0)

We hope you enjoy this level and we would appreciate any comments. Thank you.